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Our beliefs

Every child deserves a ticket to digital literacy.

Millions of children are still being denied the chance to acquire the digital skills that allow participation in our modern world.

KUBO is determined to bridge this gap by designing sustainable digital solutions for schools in deprived areas and their communities.

There are computers on the Moon, Mars and beyond. So there are no excuses for leaving any child out.

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Three Initiatives, One Solution.

We're designing probably the most robust digital school suite in the world. Every aspect is designed to be as affordable, intuitive and maintainable as possible.

Kubo server

KUBO server offers a digital platform to the school. Administration is automatized, tailored educational content is offered and actionable information is harnessed from the data.

Students, teachers and staff can connect through an offline network, while the critical data is safely back-uped through a minimal data connection. The only solution of its kind.

The platform aligns with our school method at Afrodidact, developed and tested at our model school The Swallow in The Gambia.

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KUBO X is a desktop computer that is affordable, maintainable and doesn't require the purchasing of expensive hardware. The case is designed in a way that anticipates on challenges for remote computer classes.

KUBO communities

Schools have the potential to serve as hubs for their communities. We design computer training and facilitate computer clubs that are offered after school hours.

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