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What we do

At Afrodidact we've developed an innovative pedagogical method that ensures all students are equipped with skills that will be useful throughout their entire lives. It has been applied, tested and refined for more than a decade.

After visiting our model school, the ministry of education of The Gambia
reported: "(this) school should be used as a model centre for other schools to visit".

We promote the method and inspire and/or coach other schools, teachers and organisations.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela


Why we do it

Any child in the world has to receive a quality education at the same standards. This is the only way to erase inequality. It’s a fundament for sustainable peace and development. It is stimulating youths to develop their own society and not to escape through illegal ways.

Large organisations do have the possibility to influence educational policies but do not always have good practical field examples. That is why it is extremely important to promote the existent model schools.

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Our initiatives

Headmaster of The Swallow school

The Swallow

Refining our tried-and-tested pedagogical method at our model school.

Theoretical ideas are necessary but not enough. They need to be tested and adapted on the ground.

That's why we built a primary school In The Gambia, The Swallow. This brings us the independence to develop and refine our reputed school method.


Harnessing the potential of digital technologies

We're preparing for the future. Our digital school suite KUBO brings digital technologies within reach of every school.

We automate administration, offer learning resources to students and generate that informs staff as well as our research.

Gambian child learning how to work with a computer
Gambian man installing a KUBO computer

Spreading the knowledge

Training & coaching

We organise workshops & visits for schools and organisations in The Gambia and beyond. Focusing on a wide range of topics beyond the pedagogical.

During these, we discover opportunities, set up a quality working plan and involve the whole team.


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